Here are our top 10 tips recommended by Tom Henshaw at Henshaw Fox to boost the exterior of your home.

Step One –  Landscaping Excellence

  • Well-Manicured Lawn

Regularly mowing the lawn not only ensures a tidy appearance but also conveys a sense of care and attention to detail.

  • Vibrant Flower Beds

Introducing an array of colourful flowers and plants to flower beds and along pathways injects life and vibrancy, instantly catching the eye.

  • Fresh Mulch
    Applying fresh mulch not only provides a polished look but also serves practical purposes, such as weed control and moisture retention, contributing to a thriving landscape.


Step Two –  Immaculate Exterior

  • Power Washing

A thorough power wash eliminates accumulated dirt, grime, and cobwebs, revealing the true beauty of your home’s exterior surfaces.

  • Paint Maintenance

Ensuring the paint on doors, window frames, and siding is in optimal condition enhances both aesthetics and protection. Touching up or repainting as needed revitalises the entire facade.


Step Three –  Eye-Catching Front Door

  • Welcoming Colour Palette

Choosing a bold, welcoming colour for the front door adds character and creates a focal point that beckons potential buyers.

  • Stylish Hardware

Incorporating stylish elements like an updated door knocker or new hardware adds a touch of sophistication and modernity to the entrance.


Step Four – Well-Lit Entryway

  • Outdoor Lighting
    Thoughtfully placed outdoor lighting fixtures not only illuminate the entryway but also create an inviting ambiance. Pathway lighting is especially effective for guiding visitors, enhancing safety, and showcasing the home’s exterior features during evening viewings.


Step Five –  Neat and Tidy Porch

  • Clutter-Free Space

Keeping the porch clutter-free and organised showcases the potential of the outdoor living space, allowing buyers to envision their own use of the area.

Stylish Furnishings

  • Introducing well-chosen, stylish outdoor furnishings transforms the porch into a welcoming retreat, inviting potential buyers to imagine themselves enjoying the space.


Step Six –  Symmetrical Accents

  • Balanced Decor

Incorporating symmetrical decor elements, such as matching potted plants or lanterns, fosters a sense of balance and aesthetic harmony.


Step Seven –  Clean Windows

  • Sparkling Panes

Ensuring that windows are immaculately clean both inside and out maximises natural light and offers a clear view, enhancing the overall appeal.

  • Window Boxes

Adding window boxes with carefully selected flowers not only contributes to the visual appeal but also introduces a charming touch that complements the home’s exterior.


Step Eight –  Distinctive House Numbers

  • Modernised Numerals
    Upgrading house numbers with modern, easy-to-read styles ensures clear visibility and contributes to a contemporary aesthetic.


Step Nine –  Appealing Mailbox

  • Stylish Mailbox
    A stylish, well-maintained mailbox that complements the overall design and colour scheme of the home enhances the entrance’s overall appeal.


Step Ten –  Hide Unsightly Features

  • Strategic Concealment
    Concealing features such as rubbish bins or ugly outdoor storage units with strategic landscaping or dedicated screening maintains a clean and uncluttered appearance.
  • Organised Storage
    Neatly storing hoses and gardening tools when not in use prevents visual distractions, promoting a seamless and organised outdoor space.



Remember! A well-maintained exterior that captivates potential buyers from the moment they arrive but also positions you for a successful and potentially more lucrative sale. Take the time to invest in these preparations, and you’ll increase the likelihood of a smooth and successful selling experience


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